Saturday, September 10, 2011

What is the average life expectancy of a Toyota?

I'm considering purchasing a used '01 Toyota Echo-at 146k miles. This is higher than I'd hoped to find but I've heard Toyota's can be expected to run longer than your average Ford of Chevy. So my question would be-What is the average life (mileage) expectancy of a Toyota?

FYI- I realize this is not the best car I could buy but I'm tight on time and money. Any other advice is appreciated.|||If you change the oil every 3 thou miles I seen them engines go little over 300,000 miles|||If you follow manualn advice you should be able to get 350 to 450k.Doing the scheduled maintenance is the key to keeping any car on the road. Two things that people tend to overlook is the timing belt and the water pump and either one can ruin a engine.If you do not have a maintenance schedule see if you can find out if these two items have ever been changed and if not I would replace them both every 90 to 100k.If you are not very good at car maintenance I would have a mechanic check the car out before buying|||My 1987 Toyota just died, my fault for letting it overheat, and it had 325,000 miles on it! Make sure that the timing belt has been changed at 80-90,000 intervals. Ask for receipts for this and all maintenace done.. If that belt breaks , your engine is toast! Otherwise, it's a good car and will last forever!

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